May 13, 2008


Ok, I have many, many, many pictures of sister
Bee's living room...more than anyone would EVER
want to see! And, begging your pardon, but they
were also taken in the cruel, after-work-light. And
I, being the consummate dork...wasn't using the
flash in all of, to say that these pictures
are less than stellar, would be an understatement,
BUT, I think you can get the idea that Bee's
living room is quite cute!!(need I also mention that
I am the MASTER of the run-on sentence!).
And away we go.........................
As you can probably tell, she tends towards the
country French, cottage, checks, toile...
tres foo foo!When she decided on this fabric...
there was not enough to be found anywhere! So, she scoured every Joann's, from here to Timbuktu,
until she found enough to make all her what-nots!
She took the large plain pillows apart and added
the piping that she liked.
I had a vague memory of some fun pillows in an
old Victoria with cute pillow by Tracy Porter...
when we finally found the right magazine... we
copied the idea for the pillows to tie in the sofa,
chairs & curtains.
Then she made the curtains...she's not really my sister,
she's adopted!
I love this little dresser, it came from the sweetest
old man who was the previous owner of their home.

This hutch lived a previous life as a soap display in
Mission Viejo! Our cousin told us that this cute little
shop was going out of business, so my sister "haunted"
them, until they were ready to part with it!

As luck would have it...Summertime Chintz goes perfectly
with her color scheme!
As can be seen in the reflection of this mirror (she thinks
it's TOO Victorian, I'm hoping it will be mine soon!)
there are other things to be seen "on the other side"........

Little desk area...chintz & other brother-
in-law gave this to Bee & her husband...they had been
"baby sitting" it while Kae was being remodeled, so
they just decided the picture could call Bee's house
"home".This hutch was from the previous owner, and thankfully
she has a thing or two to put in it!!!!

This dining set used to be dark brown...I know many of
you have seen it...or have it. But with about 500 coats
of KILZ it became white and Sweet Peas were added.
I just had to do this "up close"! I added the flowers using
Decorator Blocks...remember those? I used to watch a
craft show...can't remember the name...and they used
every new product known to man...and I bought them all!
This is a picture from a calendar. Back in the day when
were chintz fanatics, if we found anything that had chintz
in it we we thrilled (Which is why we love Christie Repasy!),
This is a Nancy Buswell calendar in which she painted a
"Welbeck" teapot...Bee framed the whole page...I have
the smaller version from inside the calendar.
This is where it all began...the entrance to her "cottage".
(Is her door cute or what? It reminds me of something from
Brighton (purses, jewelry, etc.)
Which leads out to her nicely manicured yard which you
have already seen way back when.
I hope you have enjoyed this "home tour"...I promise
to have more soon! Wait until you see my other sister's
"white" room! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.......!


  1. I agree with you 100%. Your sister does have a very cute home. I love the couch. She sure has some wonderful things!


  2. Beautiful Photos of a Beautiful Room, look forward to seeing many more, I've enjoyed my visit, thanks for having me!

  3. I love your sisters house !! It is so pretty ~ you both did a wonderful job on it !!
    Thank you for sharing !!

  4. What a wonderful tour of a sweet cottage home! Thank you for sharing it with us. I thought your pictures were fine! ~Adrienne~

  5. Oh M !!!
    I have not enough words to describe How beautiful your sister's living room is !!!!!
    Es Hermoso, me encanta....I would love to have a cottage like this one!!
    I can't wait to see more pictures.
    Have a wonderful day


  6. Hi, Thank you for coming by my blog and I am so glad you did. I just love your blog so much, I am adding you to my favorites list! We definately have similar tastes and I will shop for your anytime!

    Love all the pics of Bee's house, the two of you did a fabulous job. Wish I had some of that fabulous furniture from the old owners too!

    Kindredly, Lynne Laura

  7. OMG - the most incredible house... I love it!!! Yes, I have seen that table many, many times and I love it in white!!! Can't wait to see the white room!!
    Thanks for this post - your sister is very, very creative!!!

  8. Thank you for visiting me the other day! I really enjoyed all the eye candy on your blog and understand your passion for the Victorians...your plates are so beautiful!

    Have a great day!


  9. Your sisters home is so charming. Thank you for taking me on a tour. Can't wait to see the white room!

    I had fun going through your past posts.

  10. What a great tour!! Your pictures were better than you think. Much better than a lot of other blog


  11. She is Fu fu in the best way. She also like the same fabric as I do. I have several thing recovered with this. My Joanne's is moving to another location in July and everything is 30 to 40% off . I might go get more of this.


  12. Wow, your sister truly has a beautiful home. THanks for sharing some of it with us. So lovely.

  13. Everything is lovely, and I adore all of the chintz dishes.

  14. I think I have the same problem with run-on sentences that you do. There's just so much to say-we have to talk faster & faster to get it all in! Liked your blog and
    your sister's beautifu house.
    Luv, Nerm

  15. You girls are so multi talented!!! Can't wait to see what yall do next!!! And I am anticipating the white room!!
    (Aint it great that we enjoy what second hand treasures and a good coat of paint can do??!!)

  16. Thanks for saying Hi on my blog - of course I am reciprocating and saying Hi back! It is lovely to find new and interesting blogs all the time and I love the way you have 'framed' your photos on your blog.

  17. What a lovely and warm home. This fantastic decorating gene must run deep in your family's DNA!!

    Love all that chintz in the hutch...heck! I love it all!!


  18. Bee's place is great! So warm and inviting and cosy!

  19. Ok that's it, I'm drooling now over everything....EVERYTHING, but especially over the darling white dining table set! Does she make house calls???? lol
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  20. Thanks for the great photos of your sister's home! And thank you for your lovely comment about my "new" McCoy vase. It is a great color, isn't it?

    I'm a fairly new blogger, too. Congratulations on your new blog.


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