May 28, 2008

She Has Such A Fabulous Smile AND Sparkling Silver!

I don't know where this little "nugget" of wisdom
came from...(or maybe I just can't remember? )

Anywho~I like to use cheapo white tooth paste,
not gel, not minty fluoride-y swirls, but super cheap
98 cent, Big Lots tooth paste to clean my silver.

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...sad, forlorn, neglected....

Half way there(...oh, oh, living on a prayer...sorry, got
carried away there...)
Dee-light-ful! Bee-u-tee-ful! Splen-dif-ferous!
Ready to be displayed once again!


  1. Oh yeah! I have always used toothpaste on my silver. I was once told it was baaaaad for it but I don't see much that has caused any problems. And it smells better than silver polish...cheaper too!

  2. Thanks for the tip! I really need some silver polish for my teeth though...all my pics look bad.
    Too much coffee but I am addicted:(

  3. Seriously?!! Well, add that to my list of best ideas ever. Right up there w/ cut your scotchguard pads in 4's so you can throw them away after use. I can't wait to try this. Like as soon as I wake up and can get dressed. Thanks! Am I the only clueless one?!

  4. Beautiful teapot! You may not remember where you got that tidbit of info., but now I have it, too....and it came from YOU!! :-)

    Thank You,

  5. Now that is a wonderful tip! I've never heard using toothpaste before.

    Does it work pretty fast or do you have to work at it to get the silver to look that nice?


  6. You have inspired me. My silver definitely need polishing.

  7. That works beautifully!!
    Theresa N

  8. Great silver tip! Probably cheaper than silver polish... I mean less expensive. Thanks!
    Hugs, Sherry

  9. I've always used it to clean my silver jewelry but never thought to use it on larger silver items....thanks for the tip!

  10. Toothpaste is great for rubbing out small scratches in paint too. Like on your car.
    Now you've got me thinking about how bad I need to polish my silver!!
    Thanks for the tip!!

  11. Gosh... for a minute you've got me thinking the "cheapo white tooth paste" was for you! :) Thanks for the tip... I have to try doing that; I love my tarnished silver, but a good cleaning will do good...

    Feliz dia...


  12. Yep that will clean it as well. I use to use it on mine.
    My sister had another use for toothpaste, she used it to fill hole in the wall where the nails where on her white wall, funny girl.

    You made them look beautiful.


  13. Hola M
    Quería pasar a saludarte.
    Te mando un beso!!!

  14. Thank you for visiting my blogsite, and for your wonderful comments. Please come visit anytime! I love your blogsite too, it's so pretty! By the way, what does O.C. stand for? And, thanks for the tip about toothpaste, I'll try it!

  15. Cool! I never heard of using toothpaste on silver! Now I'll just have to try that. Thanks for the great tip. Yours turned out beautiful!

  16. Hi there,

    Who would have thunk toothpaste? Now I know and thanks for the info.


  17. Yep, toothpaste is a great silver polisher. I also use it on my silver jewelry. Works like a charm. Makes you wonder though what it's doing to your teeth. :) Hope you are having a fabulous day. ~ Lynn

  18. What a wonderful tip ~ thanks :) So much cheaper than what I was using :)

  19. OH!!!!!! I am stealing the eyeglasses hanging on the wall idea right now! LOVE IT!

  20. No way! I never heard of using tooth paste to polish silver! Thank you for the tip! Minutes ago I polished some salt/pepper tops I bought at a yard sale this morning. I used TarnX, the pricey/smelly stuff. I should have visited you sooner!


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