February 12, 2009

Selected Works From My Room.....

Ok...so here are some pictures of my room...ick...
it's purple (more plum) & lavender**gag**. The
previous owners were like the king & queen of
Pottery Barn...all the colors...motifs...the whole
enchilada! My family offered, until they were blue
in the face, to repaint everything, but I was just
so happy to be there that I didn't want to delay
one moment of moving in! Amazingly enough,
I found that I had "collected" things in such a
variety of colors that I was able to accessorize
with even that most frightening of colors! ( No
offense to you Donny Osmond purple people...
lavender is one thing...purple? Uh...no.)
{My bathroom is entirely purple...we'll get to
that later...}.

I bought these 3 Shabby Chic panels on Ebay...luckily they
had a hint a lavender to go along with the pink! I took 3
old frames (that had once housed ballerina pictures...another
weakness!) and fashioned a window dressing. ( you might
have noticed that my curtains are usually pulled aside & my
blinds are pulled up...that is just a precautionary measure,
only to keep my Sammy from ripping them off the walls
when she wants to watch birds!)
And here is the full extent of the purple...YIKES. Not to
mention these 3 sliver windows...they are of a size that
no window treatment will fit...so I cut up a bigger sheer
and made small curtains then topped that with MOP
buttons and ribbon. The side pieces were from Ebay...
just "thingies" that I bought for no reason, then I painted
them and added them to the side of the windows for
interest...the are kinda "Whoville"...don't you think?
I think I'd like to frame each window with moulding...
like a picture, that might help. The windows make
it hard to come up with a headboard...but I do
have an idea.... :)

Close-up of an accumulation of lavender things I never thought
I'd have a need for (so, why did I buy them???? Good question!).

My sister, Bee, gave me this trunk, which had been
white washed...but my other sister, Kae, had given me
the remains of this great pink called Rose Mallow...so
viola! Trunk became Rose Mallow!!!!

I topped it with vintage postcards.

This armoire goes with the trunk...it just hasn't been
painted yet...It can't go up and down the stairs again,so it
will have to be painted in my room...hmmmmmm....

The ubiquitous corner chair...where cats lounge and/or

This night stand with the light attached is pretty dorky
and utilitarian, but it was my Grandpa's, so I wanted
it. It was painted a totally Pepto Bismal pink and I
added a custom shade to "girlie" it up a bit.


  1. Thanks for your visit! I share your love of collecting pretty things, and I love my garden too, so it was nice to see your many photos of yours and your sisters arrangements.
    I'll be returning!

  2. OHmygosh M you have me in stitches of laughter here. Right from the word PURPLE. I was in a purple phase MANY years ago and our whole house was purple and lavender. Why didnt anyone take me to a therapist ???
    I am loving the trunk and armoire! They look fantastic. i especially love the postcards on the trunk, sweet idea!

    Hope your weekend is gorgeous so far!


  3. Hola M
    Your house is a beauty!!!
    I am dreaming in white and pink... I would love to paint some furniture in white... and buy some new.....
    But I am no very creative...
    Hugs to you and have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Well I think you did a wonderful job decorating around the purple.

    I always love to see how people decorate their rooms and yours in lovely.


  5. All your furniture looks good - but those are very very very purple walls indeed!

  6. After being totally inspired by you and Cindy @ My Romantic Home I finally decided to start a Blog of my own. I could use some hints and encouragement of all kinds. Thanks.
    Lady Pamela

  7. BRAVO! You were destined to have this "purple" cottage with all your furnishing finds...It's so fun whan it all cames together:) So do you own any purple socks? HA! HA! I remember watching Donny and Marie when I was a kid.

    At the moment I have my kitchen torn apart...I'm getting new cabinets:) YEA!

  8. darling decor and funiture
    Oh the purple is interesting (:).. Was fun to see your things..

  9. How funny,
    im actually redoing my pink and blue office to incorporate pink and lilac Im leaning towards lilac alot, its kinda the new pink for me.

  10. You are such a hoot... "Whoville"... you make me laugh... I think your room is very romantic and charming... you did a wonderful job making the room color work... it is lovely


  12. Lovely pictures! Hihi, no I am not swedish, but norwegian! But maybe this will help you decide the country if you are wondering , the word "and" means "och" in swedish, "og" in norwegian :o) Norwegian, swedish and danish..we can speak together understandig the different languages, some words are different but we manage, but I guess you knew that.
    Wish you a wonderful day.
    Klem (hug)

  13. Somewhere I read that "purple is the new pink" (can't recall where) so you are right on trend!

  14. What about covering the holes left from the dowels w/ buttons?

  15. I must say - you took that room and made it yours!!! I think you did an excellent job of making it work for you!!
    My daughter's room has one neon pink wall and 3 neon green walls - after 4 years she wants to change it.
    I'm about ready for some new paint myself!!!
    Thanks for the wonderful tour - you are so funny..."Whoville"!!!!

  16. Hi M :)

    I'm not a purple person either, but you made it work. You also gave me a good chuckle too ;)

    Have a great day!

  17. You crack me up! You've certainly done a wonderful job of living well with all that purple/lavender.

    Maybe you'll even start a new trend!

    Hope all's been well!


  18. Oooo...I love the idea for the postcards! I was looking for something to display some vintage postcards with and having a hard time finding anything. Now I'm thinking beveled glass over my desk, and, voila! Thanks for the tip :-)

  19. Beautiful! I love your collections and furniture too.

  20. OH MY! I love that trunk! I have one just like it! Where did you find the glass to go on top or did you have it specially cut?? I just love it!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  21. Hi...
    I just enjoyed your *Purple* post so much. You are so creatively Lived with what you have and have transformed it all into a soft Romantic place..isn't that what HOME is all about. Great Job!

  22. Well I think you have done an absolutely wonderful job transforming this room! After doing such a great job you might decide to just keep it purple for awhile!


  23. M, I have that armoire!!!! Do tell what color you shall paint it because I have a nightstand that matches too.
    You know how I love to copy you!! (remember the Wal-Mart curtain seat cover?) I loved the Who-ville connection. Actually, I could decorate totally "Who" if they would let me. And, I must admit, I do have a purple, well, it's really eggplant, room. You wanna help me rip that wallpaper down? It's even on the ceiling. What was I thinking??? You have done a great job bringing some softness to that room.

  24. I love the whole post, but love the idea you have for displaying your vintage postcards!


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