May 1, 2008

Meanwhile...back at last weekend....

I finished another project that had been rattling around in my head for a while....

I had a tray over the toilet that I didn't really love so I needed a change things up...(Sorry, I had already taken the tray down when I took this picture).
and I got a Repasy for Christmas with a darling little bird on a topiary (from my sister & brother-in-law) that has been needing a permanent home.... and she also gave me these grill kinda things that she was "over" I got an idea :)

First things first...I had to hang the two grills "just so"...."just so" one would cover the mark on the wall left by whatever the previous owners had hung there, and then hang the other to cover the holes that I had made before! If necessity was the mother of invention...I wonder if she was a lazy...I mean inventive, as me?
All done! And I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out!

He is still cute and already being snuggled on the appropriate pillows.


  1. Love your bathroom makeover. I read through your blog, I'm new, and must say, you are full of energy. So many project going. I can relate to al the frames in the stacked along the wall, I have a stack that looks much the same, waiting for the stairs. Have fun with your projects!

  2. THIS IS WONDERFUL!!!! I adore Christie Repasy, I could just eat this picture it looks so are so blessed! And then the grill thingies, they are beautiful on your wall!
    Wonderful inspiring post my dear, thank you so much!
    Hugs to you,
    Donna Lynn

  3. M,
    Thanks for stopping by. I like your project. And what a cutie, pattudy you have. Duke, reminds me of John Wayne. Watch out he may try to herd you around.


  4. Wow I love what you have done what a great idea. Love the grills. I have been reading through your blog and you seem to be full of wonderful inspiring ideas, I will be back to read more.
    Cheers Linda
    (p.s. Dutch is such a cutie)

  5. Fantastic idea! Love the fact you covered up some holes in the wall at the same time! sounds like something I'd do.
    Dutch is so cute....what a story he comes with

  6. Isnt that adoreable you clever girl!
    I love Christie Repasy and have several of her unframed canvas prints, what a perfect way to give it more importance without spending a fortune on a custom frame.

  7. I love your kitten! My daughter just adopted two kittens and they are so full of fun and energy.

    Great blog! I found you through Tara

  8. Be careful, M. Your sister may get over being "over" those grill "thingies" once she has seen what you have done with them. Very clever and pretty. I must say, I think I've met my match as far as someone as busy as I am.

    I found that curtain! I'm am sooooo stealing that idea you had for your chair. I didn't get it painted, but I'm getting closer to being able to do it.


  9. WOW! What a gorgeous way to showcase and Repasy! Lovely idea! Hugs to your kitty too!

  10. When We saw your cat and my daugther and me said he was so so so cute ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!es tan tan tan lindooooooo! we love cats, we are very fans. I love you history very fun. A lot of kiss for your baby cat!!!

  11. Oh my gosh !! I love your bathroom makeover and your kitty is as precious as can be ~ I just read the kitty story from your last post ~ what a doll ! I am thinking there is nothing cuter than baby animals :o)

  12. What a precious little baby Dutch is! I love him. What a wonderful story about him as well.

    Michelle and the bunnies

  13. That looks great. I love that Repasy. I have one too but not as nice as that!


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