May 20, 2008

"Ma'am, take your finger off "macro" and step away from the camera!"

Uh, I have become a bit obsessed!

I want to take pictures of everything...and I do!

I see all the little details differently now.

I see the way the sun is shining on things.
(I see the cat hair on everything!)
The colors are so dazzling!
Or the colors are so subdued.
The "whites" seem warmer...
And the "pinks" seem pinker!
Somethings glow in the light...

While others sparkle!

So, sorry, but you'll have to endure this
this new found "inner" photog!
You'll also have to endure a smattering of
pictures of my hellion!


  1. It's so fun to take photos now isn't it? I remember when I first found that button too!

    Love the cat photo!


  2. I know what you mean. You buy a new camera and you just go hog wild.
    Great pic's.



  3. I love taking photos too now that I have a blog and a digital camera! I want to take photos of EVERYTHING! But it's a fun obsession isn't it!?
    Hugs, Sherry

  4. Yes I hear you!! I also feel the same with my painting, always looking for lights and darks, composition shadows, I sometimes drive myself crazy, nice to hear I'm not alone!!!

  5. Good Morning M! was so fun to read that I am not alone in the Picture taking craze. I see everything different too...especially when an idea I am brewing up to blog about it rattling around in my head....and my heart is very tender towards your sweet lil kitty pictures too! Sooooo Sweet!
    Have a blessed day...Lorena

  6. The SAME thing happened to me after I started blogging! Isnt it funny? But I like it because I have enjoyed and noticed so many more beautiful things than ever before. I kind of "stop and smell the roses" now. I think it is wonderful! ANd I am loving your pictures!!


  7. Your pictures are wonderful, and I know just how you feel.

    And, that little hellion of yours looks quite ferocious. ;-)

  8. So mush fun visiting! Tour kittys are so cute...your new member of the family is so huggable!
    I will have to visit that ebay store, thanks for sharing :0)

  9. I really like the picture of that cat!!! It's precious!


  10. Love your "new" style of pics! Love your Hellion! I have one too... his name is Max. What an appropriate name. He is always on Maximum!!
    Kitty Fur is a condiment in our home......
    A friend to the Feline World!!!

  11. Keep on taking the photos, they are wonderful, I love your blog so much!!!!

    Hope your week is going well and you are taking pictures of everything you see so you can continue to share with all of us!!!

    Donna Lynn

  12. OH believe me, I get it!!!!
    My hubby bought a camera and I've taken it over - it's such fun to set up shots! Have fun with your new toy, and thanks for visiting my blog.

  13. Hello M
    You take pictures very very well!!!.
    And I love all your white and pink treasures.
    Lovely O.C Cottage !!!

    I can relate completely!!
    ever since Heather at pretty petals told me what the flower thingie was I try to shoot everything in macro mode. I agree about seeing the details now in things you never saw before,
    loved the pictures!!! great shots.

  15. You funny YOU! Love everything I see here, and I love the gaiety of your spirit...

    I'm sending sunshine and bird songs your way....




love to hear from you! ;}