May 12, 2008

Furry distraction....

I did get quite a few things done this's just
that I didn't take pictures of them... yet. I was too busy
taking pictures of my furry little devil (and alternately
applying Band Aids or tourniquets, as needed).
I did get a few tho.
I don't know if any of you have had Spega yogurt
from Trader Joe's? It's heaven! It just plain tastes
like a sinful dessert! The best part...ok, not the best
part, but the bonus part, is that the little jars are
so cute! You can just hear their little voices, calling,
"Embelleeezsh me...embelleeezsh me...." (they
have a French accent), so I did.

They have "Spega" Embossed on both sides of the jar,
so you do have to place your ribbon "just so", but they
are just so small and cute it's worth the trouble. I could
just see several in a row full of MOP buttons, shells,
beach glass....or anything!
Also, drawing a bit of inspiration from Cindy....
I have no place to hang a hankie banner for myself,
but I thought one would look pretty cute on my cat's
canopy bead( yes, it's a real canopy bed that my sister
got her for Christmas, and she really sleeps in it, but
only if mom's pj bottoms are in there!). Don't tell
Cindy! She'll ban me from her blog! :)


  1. M,
    OMG! That little bed is to die for.
    You MUST take a pic of baby sleeping in there with the hankie banner and all.

    Love the little jars. What a great idea! I can envision lots of little pretties glued to those ribbons, dripping down the sides too. You could even put one of those little battery tea lites in there and that would be so pretty.

    Eat more yogurt and make more!


  2. Love the jars Lori....I don't think that we have that yogurt here ~maybe in Whole Foods? ~XO~ Janet

  3. OMG, M, you always crack me up! I just love that the the yogurt jars have little French accents! Aren't they adorable all dolled up? Great idea!!
    And I absolutely love your little cat canopy bed!! That reminded me of when my girls were little and had big canopy beds - and when we got our Spotty and Tiger, they'd jump from the nightstands onto the canopies and sleep up there! LOL Needless to say, the canopy frames took on an odd shape in no time at all!
    I just love visiting your blog... Your new little fur baby is just tooo sweet looking into that 3 way mirror... I hope she's not wondering if her little cat butt looks big :)...Donna

  4. Hello M
    I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I love your kitty...
    The jar looks fantastic!!!

  5. OH my word!
    That cat bed is over the top wonderful! The pink and the hankies, you really have such a great touch with decorating my friend! :)
    Sorry about the kitty cat scratchs...sending you mental band aides right now...there is that better?
    Have a great week.
    XXOO! Donna Lynn

  6. Those jars are so cute!! I wish we had a trader joe's closer. I finally was able to visit one for the first time...but it's about 4 hours away.

    That bed is adorable!!


  7. I LOVE the hankies on the cat bed! Too cute! I'm going to have to try that yogurt. I could see using that to hold some flowers too. It's such an adorable jar.

  8. Oh your little furry kitty got a huge OHHHHHH from me! Of course if you have seen my blog, I have 3 of those furry things! And love them all! As a matter of fact 2 of them are with me right now!

    You little jars all done up are just the cutests! I with the Trader's Joe stores were closer to me...hmmmm....idea's, lol

    You have a blessed day!

  9. Oh My Goodness...Look at the kitty's bed. How charming! I wish we had a Trader Joe's. I always hear such great things about it. I have to ask you....what does the OC stand for? :)

  10. Hmmm
    There is a Trader Joe's near work, think I am stopping in!

  11. That little bed has got to be the sweetest thing I have ever seen. I love the hankies on there! To cute! But you really should think about spoiling your kitty once in a while. LOL

    Love those jars too. I'm going to go to Trader Joes tomorrow and see if we have those here in CA. I hope so.


  12. Love the bed,
    I had bought one for the pug and I dont no what made me think he would sleep in it or even fit in it!
    youve seen pics of the pug right?
    well needless to say he pretty much destroyed it. oh well!

  13. The bed is so cute I see you like pink about as much as I do but with the two manly men in my life I have to limit the pink. But sneak it in where I can!

  14. Oh.My.Gosh!!! That is the sweetest thing I have ever seen!
    My Lucy would love this! Heck, *I* would love to have a bed like this!!

    Love those little jars. I saw that yogurt at TJ's last week and think I will now go back and get some!


  15. Oh Wow! I love how you used your hankie banner....just every bit as sweet as Cindy's!


love to hear from you! ;}