May 2, 2008

The Bargain Birdie says, "Cheap! Cheap!"

OK, I promise, no more pictures of the precious angel
that God sent from heaven, called least not today
(sorry Fox & Dana!). But I have been distracted by something
cute & shallow am I! My sister found these darling
votives...and this girl has a thing for votives! (whenever she
has a party, she hands one of us the lighter and we know what
that means...30 minutes of lighting ALL the votives she has
placed all over her house, including the luminarias outside!
Wax merchants have her on speed dial!) But I digress, these
are the cutest votives ever, I don't think the picture does them
justice...especially since they were only .99 cents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Cute things are just things are so much cuter!).
She didn't buy any for me which speaks eloquently to her, no, pity me not, it's nothing that hours
of counseling won't cure!
I bought these little frames @ Michael's.....99 cents each
( the magic number!) they are supposed to be place
name markers...but I had other ideas...after a bit of
spray painting(by the same cruel sister) they were
transformed from silver... to super! They don't need to
be relegated to the table...they can frame a small collage
work, the tiny picture you adore or buffet markers!
They could be used for a million different things!


  1. The tiny picture frames are wonderful! You have such a creative mind, I love popping over to your blog for PINK inspiration!

    Thanks for coming over to look at my crystal post, I do have a ton of lamps and such huh? Wow, you don't realize it till you start taking pictures, sure hope hubby doesn't notice! Ha, he probably just does a huge mental eye roll everytime I bring more home! OK, I have a crystal anything you think I need to get some help?

    Have a wonderful weekend, and tell your mean sister to share those pink votive holders...for goodness sake they are PINK after all!
    Hugs, Donna Lynn

  2. ha ha! I had so much fun reading through your blog -- a right jolly good way to start a busy day!

    And Dutch is a little darling! Our four cats are foundlings, too. It was so wonderful of you to give him a home.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I'm DEFINITELY adding you to my favorites, and will stop by often!


  3. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Israel was incredible and I feel so blessed to have enjoyed my time away. I am back now and trying to get back into my routine. I have enjoyed browsing your blog and good on you for opening your heart to that little bundle of fur. ox Miss Ali

  4. Hi,
    So nice to have you stop by my blog and thank you for your sweet comments!
    I am having so much fun reading and seeing your creative side. I too can so relate to 10-20 things going at once, and it taking over my home!
    Your sweet new baby is darling...and as you can see from my blog, I have 3 of those cute little (Well our are huge) babies!
    Have a great day...blessings Lorena

  5. Those frames are adorable. I might have to go pick some of those up.

    LeAnn :)

  6. Hi!!!! I am very happy for your comments, and I imprimited but I will take it to my english course and my teacher can read. Always, for me, speak english was oblivion, becouse in the school and high school I studies but english didnt matter. At the moment, its change, I am studing english in course, by the way my english is basic and simple. When read your comment I smiled so much, thanks so vey mutch, realy, your letters were vey important for me, I need can speak english and other person around the word can understand. You are "bloggera" so cute and sweet, in Argentino informal is "re copada" in formal spanish is "excelente" I put your blog in my link, I wanna you visit soon, well, sorry for my grammar focus but I hope my english gets better. and tu español es bueno, me encanto!!!!!!!
    un beso enorme, y mucho gusto en conocerte, me encantan tus gatos!! yo tengo uno hermoso tambien,y tu blog es muy lindo. one big kiss, nice to meet you I love your cats, I have one so nice cat too and your blog is so cute.

    Marina From Argentina

  7. Such GREAT buys - I love it all! Very creative use for those little frames... And, as an aside, do you write for a living? If not, you should! You have a way of wording things that makes me laugh out loud every time I read your blog (and laughter is good for the soul)!! I just love visiting Tales from an O.C. Cottage :)...Donna

  8. I just love your ideas......You sound like a young girl,livin the good life. Everything pink and full of puppies!

  9. OOOPS, I forgot kitties too. All pink with puppies and kitties. LOL

  10. cute frames :-) Hope you have a great weekend!! xo Britt

  11. Great new finds! And what an adorable kitten!

  12. Loving your blog...hope you do not mind if I add it to my fave blog scroll!!

  13. I just love your little frames ! I haven't been to Michaels in forever and now I need to get my hiney over there and get some of those ~
    I love the pink votives too !! I am like you, gotta love anything pink !

  14. Lovely finds! The little frames are so cute, great idea!


  15. M, I am so sorry your sister was so selfish to keep the pink votives. What a naughty sister. I will have to keep my eyes out for a pink votive for you.

    I love that glittered letter in the frame. Fab-u-lous!

    You come up with the cutest ideas and I'm getting hooked on your blog.


  16. Hello M
    Wonderful pictures as always!!!
    I hope you are having a great week!!!

  17. Cute frame pink makes everything look better! Cute blog!

  18. Those votive holders are darling! Where did you find those!? I love the placecards you created. So cute. Michaels is one of the greatest things to ever happen in this life ;)

  19. I need your decorating expertise...I love all your fresh ideas. My master needs some last minute touches and a few more frills...Please stop by my blog and give me a few pointers!

  20. M, I got the chair finished. Come and see! Thanks so much for the inspiration and the great idea to use that curtain. It looks great!



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