May 19, 2008

Attention Ebay Shoppers!

As I have mentioned before, my decorating budget
allows for Big Lots, TJ MAXX, Marshall's, Ebay
and that ilk. As luck would have it, an Ebay seller,
whose wares I love, ended up living very close by!
So close, in fact, that her "shipping" cost became
a non-issue!!! Her Ebay seller name is missjuliak,
and through her, I have "paypal-ed" my way to
a cottage home!
This chair, which you have all just seen...missjuliak!
This posh scratching post...I mean chair.....missjuliak!
Accent table for the bottoms stairs...missjuliak!
Accent table for the upper landing...missjuliak!
Yard-long-roses for the pink room....missjuliak!
Large basket that was actually included with one of
the small tables...missjuliak!
Picnic basket that I had no idea what to do with...but
it had been included with another item...I decided to
use a side table by one of my wing back chairs.
Cute magazine rack...(those books were already there...
no staging, truly...I am not such the motivated type to
switch out my books...seriously, look, there must be
a years worth of dust on them!).
My grandparents had these tables...somehow, when I
was 16 and they were dark brown...they held no interest
for me...go figure! :)
"Someone" has been slightly needy and underfoot since her
new brother came home!

80's pressed back chair...I added the decal and some paint details.
If I recall correctly, she said that this used to house a big old
fashioned radio...even Elizabeth Bennett finds it charming
in it's new role!

Really, missjuliak is not a relative...I have never even met her!
But, without being aware of it, she has furnished my home!
And I am grateful! (And I am also cheap)! :)

And I am going to be part of The Cottage Charm Give Away!
(Just give me a sec to get the pictures together!)


  1. Isn't it wonderful to find the perfect place to shop for things that are just right?

  2. Really nice things! I need to be checking out Ebay more.

  3. You have your very own store. How lucky can you get?

  4. You and my sister have the same looks :)
    Her website is and she makes, sells and does tons of shabby chic stuff :)

    Here is to a large cup of tea and a fat book :)

  5. Everything is gorgeous! Thank you for the info about the seller! I just love all of the white! So pretty. You are so lucky to live so close to your favorite seller!

  6. You have some wonderful pieces there. I used to have an end table just like your grandparents. Course that was before my "paint it white" days plus I couldn't bring it down from Canada. I love the storage though and it looks so great white.

    Love, love, love the picnic basket!!


  7. Missjuliak have great things... I love everything I see here! Do you own any of these treasures?

    Have a lovely day


  8. All of your pieces are wonderful!! My mom had those same end tables and they were almost black - it is truly amamzing what a little white pain will do!!

  9. M,
    The pictures of your home and your finds are wonderful. Show us more!
    I'm sorry I've been away for a few days. I have a head cold that just won't give up. I will check out Missjuliak on Ebay and see if she has anything you haven't already purchased. ;)


  10. Oh, M - don't you just LOVE eBay?? I've gotten so many wonderful goodies from there (as I will be writing about soon!!)... I haven't had the luck of finding anyone geographically close to me though! What fantastic pieces you've bought - they show off the feline element of your cottage very nicely!...Donna

  11. You have some very pretty things for your cottage. That picnic basket is lovely!


  12. Hi M :)

    My comment was just erased! Oh well. I just wrote that your ebay seller sold you some great stuff.

    If you want to see pics of the inside of the farmhouse, look at my sidebar and click on farmhouse. It will take you to all the posts about it, including the inside ;)



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