April 22, 2008

Who'd a thunk it...

I have a pink couch...I know, I know, SO shocking! (I'll wait for you to pick yourselves up from the floor!). Well, actually, it's a love seat (courtesy of my sister) with a slip cover. This slip cover was such a find @ Big Lots last year...it's really Shabby Chic (at least, that's what the tag says). I Loved it because of the color (the perfect pink is so elusive...sigh...unless I blend it myself...) and when I saw that it was really, truly "Shabby Chic"...well, that sold it! I know that sounds snobby...but if I was really a snob, I'd never be at Big Lots early on a Saturday morning wearing no makeup and glasses that are missing one of the nose thingies!

Oh sure, it was made for a "real" sized couch, but with some tucking and folds and pleats...it works...at least it works for me. And the "loose fit" is a real favorite with my cat who enjoys burrowing underneath it to sleep!

Well, it might make Rachel Ashwell cringe...but I love it! (Please don't enlarge the picture or you "might " see a bit of cat hair..."note to self", the cottage/shabby/romantic look requires a white or light pet!).


  1. That IS just the perfect pink. I love the glasses story.

  2. Your glasses are the best part of that story, I can just picture you in Big Lots in my mind and I am laughing! You are so precious and open and I love reading your posts! Thanks for the laughter and smiles! Donna Lynn

  3. Well you know I just had to click and enlarge those photos, hoping to find cat hair so I'd feel right at home! LOL But not a single piece of fur in sight! LOVE LOVE LOVE the slipcover (and your rug!)... You got a great deal on that! It is a perfect pink... Yes, your little cottage is looking mighty shabby, and I mean that in the most complimentary way!!... Donna

  4. I love the slip cover. SOOOO Shabby Chic. Hey it's what you do with what you have....

    I would love to meet you at "the barn" in Temecula sometime!?

    Debbie Kay

  5. Hi,

    thanks for stopping by and you are welcome any time.
    I like your couch cover and the color is a perfect soft pink one, just the way I like a pink color to be.


  6. Hello M
    I love those pillows..I am going to buy some like yours...beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing with us!!!
    Un abrazo muy grande

  7. Hi M :)

    Thank you for coming by my blog. I love the new pink slip cover! Very cute :)

    I grew up in Arcadia, CA, but my family lives in O.C., CA. I live in Ohio now, in my hubby's home town. Thanks for the advice on the farmhouse. Wish me luck!

    rue :)

  8. Oh this looks just like something I would love to snuggle up on, cat hair won't bother me a bit! Thanks for stopping by my blog, enjoying yours a lot!

  9. AWESOME find! That is my absolute favorite pink! I am so jealous, I want a pink couch! Yeah right, like it would even stay pink for ONE hour with five boys, a dog and a husband, lololol!!!


  10. That is a delicous shade of pink! I'm on the search for a new couch and it has not been easy. The pictures of your home are lovely. It was fun visiting you. Thanks for stopping by my place!

  11. Ohhhh I want one... a pink love seat...
    It is so perfect.... and I love the little rug in front of it ... looks so charming.... it is just so pleasing to the eyes..lovely


  12. It's delightful, and to have found it at Big Lots - fantastic!

  13. Aren't slipcovers great! I love the transformations they make. Yours is such a pretty one, and I'd have wrassled you for it if I'd been at Big Lots when you found it.

  14. LOVE the slipcover...and i'm surprised that you haven't heard...cat hair is "the new fringe"...oh yes, well i'm sure Rachel would not agree but it works for me:)

  15. Hi,
    It looks darling. I can't tell you adjusted the size - it's what makes you happy and it sure looks cute.

    There is a Big Lots a couple of towns over from me, maybe I better go take a look!

  16. It's beautiful. Where would we be without pink???

    LeAnn :)

  17. Love the Shabby Chic pink slip cover! I think what I like most about the slip cover is that you found it at Big Lots!!!! No way!!!! I never find anything that cool there!!!! What a pinkalicious find! Thanks for your funny comment about my apple pie display! I laughed aloud!

  18. That slip looks really pretty! I think it's fun that you have a pink couch!


  19. Girl, You are so funny! You are my kinda person... I'm so thrilled you stopped by my place because I might not have ever known about your wonderful blog! I am loving it...I might not get anything done today! LOL!!



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