April 19, 2008

We tend more towards the "Chic"

Although my sisters & I love the "Shabby Chic" concept, we tend more towards the "light, white & sun-filled room" side of it, rather than the "looks like it was dragged behind a car" side of it. So, when I got this little side table...it's level of "distressing" left me "distressed".

So I basically repainted it with a decal idea roaming around in my head.

My sister had a decal that she wanted me to put on a tray she had just bought...and there were two! So, I thought...Gee, how pretty it would look on my table...and it does!

I haven't found the right bar stools for my bar area yet, so the table fits there perfectly!


  1. I love the little table, it looks great in white


  2. lol... I always knew there were "many shades of shabby". It's the personal tastes that make it so individual - another reason to love it! Love your blog, keep posting! I'm adding it to another reason "why the paint dries on my brushes".

    My bests,

  3. What a lovely job you did with that table. I love it! Thanks for visiting me today. Stop by again any time! Amy

  4. Such a pretty little table! I agree with you, I prefer the chic to the too shabby. I have been having fun looking through your archives and seeing all of your pretties...lovely!

  5. What a beautiful table... Y me encantan los platos con flores!
    Tu casa es preciosa.
    Un abrazo.

  6. I love the scallops on the table, and I have to agree with you. The ultra beat up look of shabby can be pretty in a magazine picture, but I always think I wouldn't be so happy with it in my home.

  7. I love all that you are doing! You have great taste and creativity!

    Loved being here and will be back often!
    Thank you so much for visiting me and I hope you and I will be regular visitors to each other's *cottages*!


  8. I tend to take anything white, pink, or green and chippy...while my BFF loves her's just like you do, painted, appliqued and clean! Whatever way, your table is just wonderful, and would look really good in my house!!! :)
    Donna Lynn

  9. What a darling little table! I love it, and the make over you gave it. I just wanted to stop by, say hi and thank you for visiting my blog. I really appreicate you taking the time to leave a comment! I have had a quick wander around your blog and really like what I see, so I'm going back right now to really enjoy myself here. I hope you have a wonderful week and that I see you again soon at my place!
    Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

  10. Cute table... looks like kitty like it too.Love the touch of flowers on it... lovely

  11. Looks great.I lean more towards the shabby because I like the character of it......and I do not have to repaint LOL

  12. I prefer the shabby to the chic. Hehehe. That is why this style is perfect for everyone. You either love the chic or the shabby , but either way it's divine. You did a great job on the table. :)

    Have a great week,

  13. Pretty table! Isn't it satisfying to finish a project and find the perfect place for it! I love rose decals, too! Thanks for commenting on my Shabby Chic Revised blog post. Purrrrrrrr......

  14. This style of table can go either way - you've made it elegant and chic. I mix things up somewhat too - not over the top shabby (hubby's, well mature ones shuch as mine, aren't really into that look - too romantic I guess!), but I like a bit of cottage chic too.

    I feel dumb not knowing O.C. - thanks for the enlightening e-mail. Guess you can tell I'm not a West Coast gal, too far from England for me - but I've visited often and it's beautiful.

    Thanks again for stopping by.

  15. Hello and welcome to blogland!
    Your blog is so sweet.
    You will meet many kind and talented people that share amazing ideas. I'm sure you have been having fun and look forward to visiting your cottage again...
    xxxooo Ruth

  16. Love the levels of shabby description, your level looks perfect!

  17. The table turned out cute. I like your style of "chic". :)


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