April 12, 2008

We did a bad thing....

Since it was 100 degrees (truly!) today...my sister & I went in search of air conditioning, the good kind of air conditioning...the kind you find in stores! But seriously, I was just looking for Rub n' Buff (for corn sake! where can you buy it in "Antique White"...not at Michael's or Jo Ann's!!!)...3 hours later, I had no Rub n' Buff, but I did have a few other things...
Michael's is having a really good sale! And all those cute cottage-y/Paris-y things accessories that you saw there around Christmas time, but told yourself to hold off on buying because you knew they'd be on sale soon...well, they are, 50 % off. ( A 50 % off sign makes you feel almost as good a someone telling "those white pants are so slimming on you!") So, I bought the above, beach glass, vases, candles (THE best shade of pink! The small pink & white candle was $1!) with visions of sugar plums in my heads....I turned them into the goodies below...
Somehow we ended up at this cute little shop in La Habra called The Corner Cottage and it is just packed full of the cutest things in every corner! Even their bags are darling!

Unfortunately, I cannot reveal most of what I bought there since it's for my other sister's birthday...but I did buy this little sign...it seemed like a "must".


  1. Hello M
    You found a lot of beautiful things!!!
    I hoe you are haveing a wonderful weekend.

  2. ohmygosh a 100.... were you having a Santa Anna wind?
    Sounds like you and your sister had fun... and such wonderfully pretty things you found.
    The mirror behind your finds is just stunning... I have never seen anything like it.

  3. I too found the 50% off sale at Michael's (see my blog for posting of my fabulous finds). Love the ideas you had for the candles. Gotta have the Cottage sign...wish I were in the O.C......


  4. Hello! Thank you so much for your nice comment on my blog. I can see that you have bought some beautiful things. I know,50% off not good hihi:o)))) I need to follow my golden rule, one thing in , one thing out, or we do need a bigger house and that is not an option or a good solution ;o)

  5. I was in Michaels last week too, and had to restrain myself from all of the sales that they were having. I love what you did with the pink candle vignettes!

  6. Oh my gosh, so many lovely photos! I realy liked the pink candles:-)
    Have a great week.

  7. OOoh - your goodies are fantastic! Love everything!! Hope you share the other goodies you bought after your sister's birthday :) And you're right - that sign was a MUST!!!... Donna

  8. I hope the sale is still on and there are a few things left. I'm off to Michaels today.

    You are so right when I saw the Paris goodies at Christmas I thought to myself "I'll wait". More than likely everything will be gone. But that might be a good thing!


  9. Ohhhh I love love that stuff at Michaels ~ I need to get there fast ~ I think I was in there the other day though and they were all sold out already ~ but.... I need some of those gorgeous pink candles ~

  10. You are so clever and are inspiring me with every post. Fun visiting you!


love to hear from you! ;}