April 9, 2008

The Usual Suspects

Do any of these look familiar? Stacked up next to you bed or your couch? (Or, if you're like me, they are stacked up on your bed). Maybe they are "hidden" under your bed, your couch or a chair? But they are somewhere...and you cannot throw them away! (My sister has the very first issue of Victoria...now that's commitment!) You look at them over and over, planning or dreaming (depending on your budget or imagination) and use post-its to mark the pages because you don't want to fold the them. My other sister has the really huge Longaberger basket under her coffee table and it's full a lot of our old magazines, so this past week I have been taking them home, arm load by arm load, to look through, and the rooms and houses and ideas are just as pretty and inspiring and they were all those years ago. So, I guess that means that we have passed the "trend" stage and the cottage style will live on right next to colonial and French country. Not bad for Goodwill plates and garage sale furniture!


  1. Ok you realize you're encouraging me to never throw anything away!! my bed is way too small for this.

  2. I can definitely relate to the magazine hoarding. I think we many need intervention.

    Trisha Evans
    a vintage white - coming soon!

  3. Oh girl.... You are a girl after my own heart!!



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