April 7, 2008

Something old, something new....Kari & Kijsa's Mantel 101

Updated 6/19/08 I wish I had been more diligent
and found out about Kari & Kijsa's " Mantel 101"
event today, darn it!
So, I'll just have to show an old post with my mantel.
Nothing too exciting, but I'm just happy that I have one
now!!! And I can't wait until Christmas for the stockings!
(Last year I had to hang them under the bar ledge! I
don't think Santa approved!)

Although my "cottage" is pretty nifty, there was one thing it lacked...a mantel...every cottage should have a mantel...and now I do!!!! This weekend, with the help of my brother-in-law, (who had to endure using my pink hammer and my cat walking on his legs as he attempted to use the level) my "new" mantel was installed and now I have a place to "hang my stockings by the chimney with care" for Santa! What a relief!

Even my cat is thrilled by the prospect of another place to be naughty!!
And it took me about 5 seconds to add a few homey touches to it! Although this just a prelim, I'm sure the arrangement will change, but I really love it! It just makes the entire room! And if this mantel could talk...it started its life with a neighbor of my sister's, and when they remodeled, the
contractor(who is another neighbor of hers) couldn't throw it away, so eventually, it ended up as my sister's mantel. Then she remodeled...and the poor forlorn mantel stayed on the side of her house until it was my turn...the ultimate in recycling!


  1. So I hear that mantel recycling is all the rage in the o.c. these days. I thought she looked familiar...

  2. Love the mantel and the little detail beneath it. I'm glad you're putting it to good use. That's so like you...you can never resist a stray.

  3. Love your clever solution!! Great details and lots of beautiful things!!! Best recycling we have seen!

    kari & kijsa

  4. Hi M :)

    I love the way you remodeled the fireplace!

    I actually stopped by to tell you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my giveaway gift!!!! YOU are a wonderful giver :) My absolute favorite thing was the little taste of home. Thank you so much :)


  5. CUTE mantel!!! :) Love it! xo!

  6. That's a really unique display area. I love it. So much room to work with!

  7. IT looks just wonderful! Great job of recycling!
    I love it...I think your cottage is so special!

    Hugs and love,


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