April 25, 2008

Ooops...where did that come from?

For some reason I looked on my front porch the other night...which I never do (unless I'm expecting pizza!), and there was a package!!! I love to get packages (my mailman would have a different opinion on that subject!) Hmmmm...Canada. What did I order from someone in Canada.
Scary, but I really had no recollection of doing it...until I opened it...then it all came back to me...that night, the glass of wine, Ebay, oh yah, I did do that, didn't I?
YIPEE! pretty new(ish, well, they are "new" to me) plates!(that sentence made no sense, yeesh, I could have just said "vintage").

They were only .99 cents! ($15.00 shipping...but I figured if you amortize that between 5 plates and 365 days, they were practically FREE!)

I am a vintage china user! I refrigerate them and microwave them, they are actually quite durable...except when a DVD falls on them...long story...
I blew it a bit with the new plates though since they have a gold edge, which is one thing that is not compatible with the modern microwave, but oh well.
A Canadian package full of pretty plates...life is good.


  1. 99 cents, what a deal! Worth the $15 from Canada. I usually put those auctions on my watch list and then, ta la la la la, forget all about it until it's over. :(

    Good for you!

    Your house is adorable too.


  2. Beautiful plates! I know what you mean about the front porch...anytime I UPS something to my parents, I have to call them and tell them to look on the front porch (they're a next day delivery from where I live). It could be days before they'd ever go out the front door.

  3. hummmm...a glass of wine huh? Well, next time I am going to drink when I am on EBay then I can tell my hubby, "It was the wine doing it, I swear!"
    Love your sense of humor, and I love reading each of your posts, they make my day! BTW, your plates were free when you think about all the gas it took to get them from Canada...put that into the magic calculator too the they are actually -0 cents per plate!;)
    Donna Lynn

  4. I love how you rationalise your purchases LOL! I will remember that the next time I am explaining an ebay purchase to the husband!

  5. Love these, anything pink, to me is wonderful. Your blog is adorable and I always try to check it out.

    Hugs, RoseMarie

  6. You have a Lovely Blog & I Love someone with a Sense of Humor!! Your plates are Beautiful!! Thanks for visiting my Blog!
    Until Later...
    Love, Marilyn

  7. Love those plates! And what a deal. I know what you mean about mixing wine and ebay-not good.

    You just visited my blog Lovies Cotton Candy and left a comment so I am returning the favor. Come back soon!

    p.s. Love your site!

  8. Oh I love shopping for fun things and then forgetting about them until they are delivered. It's like a little gift to yourself.
    Your plates are beautiful. I think it's a good deal even with the shipping. Besides, I never count the shipping as part of the cost. LOL

  9. What a great deal you got! I never count the cost of shipping when I win on eBay. LOL So you got a great deal for only 99 cents!

    I love to order things and then forget about them until the package shows up. It's like a gift to yourself.

  10. I like how you calculated the price of your plates over a year. . . makes sense to me! We become the Queens of Rationalization when we buy things! I do the same! Thanks for stopping by... I never thought about buying vintage jewels on Ebay! Thanks, I think!

  11. Gorgeous plates and I love how you show them!
    You have the most delightful sense of humor and it is always a treat to be here!


  12. Shelley china is really pretty - tons of roses, daisy patterns... and great shapes and no gold trim so you can microwave it!


love to hear from you! ;}