April 16, 2008

(Mother of) Pearls of Wisdom

This arrangement is next to my bedroom door {duh, obviously! ;}
a picture frame (I popped out the glass and painted the whole shebang
white, then added mirror I got on Ebay)
a papier mache tray (I decoupaged with tissue paper...desperate times
call for desperate measures...and when you move into a home with
lavender walls and are FAR too lazy to paint it...you find yourself
being more desperate than the average bear!)
and one of my favorite creations...my "pearly de-light" switch cover!

I saw the idea in a magazine a long time ago, except it had been done
with seashells. I didn't have any shells then, but since I have a thing for
MOP buttons, I had quite a few of them to play with. In the magazine,
the shells were glued directly to the wall, but I didn't really want to pull
a huge chunk of lovely wallboard out, if there came a day when my muse
wanted to change things up...so, I glued them to the switch plate and
then just placed the frame around it. I'm pretty happy with the way it
turned out!(my muse still likes it too !).

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special


  1. I LOVE your switch cover! The frame around it is to die for! I also am in love with your favorite chair in the "favorite chair" post. I have been wanting a chair like that for a while now... Not having any luck finding one!

  2. Beautiful blog and photos...I really enjoyed reading it. I found you through Pink Icing On The Cake and thought I would stop by. Everything looks so beautiful! Blessings, Victoria Lynn

  3. Hello M
    I love it!!! .
    It looks great on your wall!!!.Muy lindo!.

  4. Ohmygosh I LOVE that switch cover.... never seen anything like it.... it is so simple and so stunning.... lovely grouping...

  5. thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. it really means alot to me when people stop by and comment--it affirms that i'm not just doing this to hear my own voice in my head ;)

    i see you are new to the blogging world also...your page looks GREAT. do you use photoshop?

    thanks again, ang

  6. That is such a clever idea!! Thanks for sharing it! As you can see (from my filled vases), I have a thing for cream and white buttons!!... Donna

  7. I love that switch cover....cute idea. Now I am going to browse your other posts!

  8. I love the button picture! Sooo cute. I have jars full of MOPs - they are about my most favorite buttons. I like to use them in my jewelry and also I use them in the bottom of crystal flower vases to hold my flower stems in place, rather than using glass marbles or flower frogs. Everything looks beautiful! xo ~ Joy J.

  9. Love the switch plate cover idea and anything that let's me see and admire my collection of MOP buttons. I enjoyed reading your blog.

    Trisha Evans
    a vintage white - coming soon!

  10. What a great idea with the switch plate cover. Love it and I might steal it!

    Debbie Kay

  11. Ohmygosh I just got sucked into a whole new dimension! The SHABBY CHIC ZONE!!!! Was it all the PINK or my Husbands new office chair?!? I literally sat uninterrupted for an hour and 15 minutes! I know, I know rookie! Amateur! But for one who is clueless on the computer this is huge!!Anyway I started at my sister's blog Tales From An O.C. Cottage of course and then....WOW! all of you out in blog land are sooo talented, clever, inspiring! The furniture, the favorite books, movies (You've Got Mail), nostalgic music, window seats (got 'em!), jewelry, pink dishes!!! Ahhhh! My people----I'm at home with each of you! THANK YOU for an incredible way to spend a Sunday afternoon! You were better than a nap! Blessings, Kitten

  12. Your room is gorgeous! I LOVE that paint color! And WOW! The frame is gorgoeus!!


  13. Wow, what a wonderful project! I would totally love to try this but am sure I'd make an absolute mess of it.

  14. How clever!!! I love the switchplate cover - who woulda thunk? Buttons & a frame. Hmmmm - I'm gonna file that away for future use.

  15. Very nice!
    I also like your idea of turning the frame over and using that side - very creative!

    Nice to have found your blog

  16. That is such a great idea! I love MOP buttons too. I found a huge tin of buttons last week at a junk store and spend an entire evening sorting out the MOP buttons. I ended up with a huge bag of them and was so excited.
    Now I might just have to use a few of them on a switch plate!


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