April 30, 2008

Meet Dutch....

He is the newest addition to my family…and
he just missed being adopted by a famous

TV/movie writer/producer and living "the life" in
Malibu. It's an interesting little story but I
need to change the names to protect the identity
of the "person" who is still working
on the movie…
and in fact is working in the producer's home, but
I can give the basics.
Fox wanted to get Dana a kitten for Valentine's
Day, so they headed to a local shelter.
Outside the
shelter they encountered a woman holding
a box with 4 kittens in it..so tiny,
eyes still closed,
looking like little aliens. She told them that the shelter
would not take them
since they were newborns and
required too much care, they were over crowded as it
is was and
would not accept any animal that could not
be programmed, categorized or easily referenced...
would only euthanize them. Fox & Dana were horrified and
would not stand idly by and let
yet another government
conspiracy play out! They took ALL the kittens back to
Fox's home where
they had to be bottle fed…etc.(I'll leave
those details out). Since they had to be tended to every few
hours, and Fox was working 15 hours a day on this movie…
he had no choice but to take the kittens
with him to the
producer's home…unbeknownst to the producer. This kitty
daycare went undetected
for about a month…until the
producer said…"Uh, what are those? Little green men?".
Said producer
was very cool about Fox's need to deceive,
inveigle and obfuscate...even under his own roof. In fact,
said he'd take two! Fox was amazed! Why would the producer do this?
How would he have time for
2 needy kittens? But he pushed those
doubts aside…he wanted to believe. And with Dana already

keeping one kitten, and Dana's friend, Muffin taking another, all the
kittens would have good homes!
Well, as things sometimes go in
Hollywood…the deal fell through, leaving little Dutch with no place
to call home…and since I am that sucker who is born every minute…I
took him…his purr sounds like a
marble in a blender…how could I resist.
He won't ever get to meet TomKat or BranGelina…but I will carry
30 lbs
of cat litter up 2 flights of stairs for him…so I think he'll be ok with me.
(But he does miss Fox & Dana!)

(ok, I'm not crazy...well, ok, I am, but within this blather are "hints"
for the geeks who loved the series and the previous movie...10 years
ago!...I cannot divulge, other than to say..the truth is out there....).

(His new cousin Oreo is a pest! But Old Uncle Jack (20 years old!) loves him!)


  1. Hmmm....Fox and Dana...: )
    And the TRUTH is that little Dutch is one lucky baby! He will have such a good home and be loved and cared for. That is what I tell my 3 pets every day!
    I am betting that Dutch will prefer Jack over TomKat any day!
    Loved this post!!


  2. Dutch is TOOOOOO Cute!

    Thanks for visiting my Blog!

  3. Ha ha!! I have found the truth in your post as I am and was a big fan.. How exciting, could kitty have some sort of alien influence I wonder... Such a cutie (and the kitten too lol!!)
    Alicia ~ time worn style

  4. Just discovered yur blog. It's delightful.

  5. hmmm...my spidey senses are tingling. I love a good mystery. It gets me eXcited. I may have to FILE it somewhere and come back later.

    tee hee

    I'm so glad Dutch found a good home with you!!


  6. What an adorable kitten, and such mystery and intrigue for such a short life he has led! I bet he will become the star of the show for sure.

  7. Oh M, I am so glad to know that this sweet kitty has a new home!!!
    I send you a big kiss and another to Dutch

  8. Very cute addition to your family. He'll help you forget about those shoes!

  9. Great post, M! Dutch is adorable.
    Now, how many critters do you have?
    I too figured out your mystery.
    Xcellent! Be sure to file, er I mean fill us in on Dutch as he matures.


  10. What a great story! I think Dutch is going to be much more loved by you then and Hollywood producer.

    But this would be a wonderful story for a movie such as X Files. You may want to send this to the director of that show. :-)

    Nothing as sweet as the purr of a baby kitty. Glad he found you!

  11. so so adorable, those pics are priceless!


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