April 23, 2008

I have a pretty great boss...

For those of you who are LUCKY DUCKS that don't have to work...or those of you who aren't (**gasp**) Exec. Admins. like myself, you may not know that today is Exec. Admin. Day. And, to be totally tactless....THIS YEAR I SCORED!!!!!
See, what I mean....pretty great! I have wanted this Repasy for a long time (which my boss' wife knew). YIPEE!!! Now I have to re-do everything to make a worthy place for it!!! Again...

Birdie UPDATE:
If you look really close, you can see five little eyes...that used to be five blue eggs!( I had to crop it really tight since their nest is a bit gross.) I can't believe how they have grown in about 2 weeks!


  1. I was surfin' the blogs and stopped by for a visit.

    I just wanted to say hi and nice blog!


  2. Happy Admin Asst's day to you!!! It's not an easy job, i know, i've been there... but it has its perks:) Thank you for dropping by my blog. The trees are called pear trees and they smell like: DrIED SQUID!!!!!!!!!!!! like Philippine dried squid..

    will visit more often. not feeling a 100% yet

  3. Hi,
    How great a boss and bosses wife too. What a lovely gift.

    Love the nest and the little birdies. We once had a dove's nest outside and it was thrilling that they lived to hatch and fly away - what a great feeling to watch something grow.

    Happy Day!

  4. Wow, what a great boss. That is so beautiful. I am back into the working world as of this week. No more life of a princess.

    LeAnn :)

  5. It is good to have a nice boss... Happy Admin, Asst. Day... that is just beautiful... it will be fun to redo... to make the perfect place... have fun

  6. Happy Exec. Admins Day to you! :-)

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, it's always nice to meet other bloggers

    Hugs, Pat

  7. Hello M
    Just wanted to say hello... and I love those birds!!!

  8. Oh, wow! I don't know what I'm more excited about - your new Repasy piece or your little birdies who are growing leaps and bounds!! What an exciting day for you!... Donna

  9. Happy Admin Asst. Day to you dear heart! I am so happy you did well in the giftie department! You deserve that!

    What sweet birdies...we have a nest that was built in the silk flowers in the front door basket. Of course, Mama Bird flies away when we have to use the door or the dog barks. Our front door is a mess too! But I am hopeful her eggs will hatch and sweet babies will one day leave that nest and fly.

    Fingers crossed!


  10. Wow you are so blessed!!! I have wanted one of her paintings for years and have followed her work since she started, when BTW, it was fairly cheap to buy her originals! I was too stupid to get one...kick, kick! (that was me kicking my own rear end!) I am very envious and must now go cry...
    Donna Lynn (all this said in a weepy voice!)

  11. Wow, you did score! You must be worth it :)

    Thanks for popping in to comment on my embroidered kitties

  12. Where do I begin??? Of course you must do the re-do for the Repasy. That's what I would do. It must go in a place of honor where it gets proper exposure so everyone else is jealous that you have one and they don't. :) What a great boss!
    And I love your pink slipcover. I have found pink Christmas trees at Big Lots but never a slipcover. I'm heading over there right now!

    I have three nests in my front yard: Robin, Sparrow and Mourning Doves. Out back we are next to a tree farm, so it's a regular maternity ward out there. My momma robin won't leave her nest, even when I'm piddling about with the flower bed nearby. We don't have babies yet, as we only got rid of the snow 3 weeks ago.

    I'm so glad you dropped by my blog. I see you have a sense of humor very similar to mine. I'll be back!

    BTW, the cars are not back in the garage yet. I've been to an auction. LOL! But! I'm having a H-U-G-E garage sale so it should be cleared out again soon.

    Have a great weekend and stay PINK!


  13. Lucky you - that's quite a wonderful present! What a great boss (and nice wife)!



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