April 8, 2008

A "Go-With" home

A chance encounter with this English magazine is how it all began. So enamored were we with the beautiful dishes on the cover, that we hunted and searched until my sister finally found this sad and lonely sugar bowl, hairline crack and all...after that...CHINTZMANIA ensued!
Collecting lead to a semi-sorta-sickness...with no 12 step program available for chintz collectors, we were brought into the shabby/romantic/cottage fold. The light and airy decor style is what we in the CHINTZ world call a "Go-With": complimentary without competition...and we were hooked!
I read somewhere that plates should not be hung on walls...(Wink, wink, Cindy ;)... we beg to differ!
The neutral-fabulous colors of the cottage decor are the perfect foil for the colorful patterns of our chintz. But the light, peaceful elegance of this style are the perfect "Go-With" for any collection... or home.


  1. Oh...My...Gosh!
    I heard you say you fixed the font and pictures and stuff on your blog the other day, but I didnt know you REALLY fixed it. Your blog went from drab to fab in 5 seconds.

    It looks great! Really!
    Kudos, M.


  2. oh man, I myself can vouch for the perils of the life of a daughter and neice of chintz addicts. Growing up, no 15 year old should know the names and prints of selected chintz patterns or should be spending their post-college backpacking trip through Europe scouring the street markets in London for Chintz. I do not own ONE PIECE, nor will I ever, but I can name off at least ten pattern names.

    It's a sickness.

  3. Chintz 12-step program! So funny! Collecting is not such a bad thing! Sounds like you are in a bit of a frenzy going through all the shabby/cottage magazines, too! I do the same. I sit down to relax with my favorite magazines then end up going through my cupboards finding the things I need to start a project I see in one of the magazines! So much for relaxing! I enjoyed your blog and I will be back! Cindy@cutepinkstuff.com

  4. I adore chintz.... and I now have chintz envy... you have a china hutch full of chintz? WOW It is just glorious.... looking at your mantel...it is wonderful..

  5. Wow, I LOVE your chintz collection! Wow! I suddenly want to collect more.


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