April 14, 2008

Don't cut the apron strings!!!

Have you all seen the May issue of Romantic Homes and the feature on aprons? Boy, some of them were so cute (although a tad form fitting for my taste...I like a little more wiggle room). I have a collection of vintage aprons that I have gathered over the years, fully intending to create something from them...but I could never bring myself to cut them up! So, my 3 favorites hang on the doorknob of my pantry...too cute to be cut, or used!

This simple cotton had probably been a dress in it's previous life, sensible but still girlie pink, it reminds me of my great grandmother.

Gingham, what's not to love about gingham...especially when the ties are dotted swiss!

This is a tissue thin organza-y type of material(that rips like paper when you are pretending that you are "stylist" arranging your photo shoot and tug the ties a bit too hard...don't ask me how I know). This belongs in the world of Donna Reed, pearls, petticoats and pointy pumps.


  1. Good morning M
    I am in love with those aprons, especially with the one made of organza !!!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Really love the aprons... I think yours are pretty than the ones in Romantic Home.... you styled them just perfect.

  3. I have a collection too but none this cute. Yes yes the organza one is gorgeous.

  4. Great minds think alike, lol! I have my two favorite beautiful aprons (one being very vintage) hanging on my pantry door! It really adds something to my kitchen too!



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