July 5, 2009


Now we know that too many decals can be a bit
"much"...but as we were surveying our wares,
we noted that a wee (or not so wee) flower, placed
just so, can really add that certain something to
a somewhat blah treasure.

Or biggest project...the bar stools from JCPenney.
The seats were wrong so Bee recovered them,
the backs were wrong so her husband painted over
the design, then I recreated the look of the paint &
shading of the rest of the chair then added the decal
for a French Country feel. They turned out really well.

These tin signs were at Home Goods & TJ Maxx all last
summer. They were painted in shades that we didn't
like, so we re-painted them pink...what else. Added glitter
& the decals were the final accent.

A little pink flower accent needed a little decal
"Pick-me-up"...so cute in the bathroom.
(sorry...there is no natural light in this

Little "Big Lots" tray that I sort of pickled to bring
out the detail and added the decal for interest.

I needed a little something for an odd corner
of my room and I had a set of these milk glass
plates, so I just popped a decal on!

A gift tin from Starbucks... it was silver, but
had so many cute details...the "swirlies" on
top, the curvy sides...so, in a wink, it was
pink with the tiniest decal on top!

Tiny flower pot with a tiny jeweled starfish by
the tiny Adirondack on the bathroom shelf.
(yuk...flash picture!)

I'm sure you have all seen this tray around for
years...well my sister thought it was a bit too,
uh, "white" so I added this very romantic decal.
Too pretty.

And, last but not least, this Home Goods watering
can was cute enough, but a coat of pinkness and
the big fluffy roses decal made it perfect!

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  1. Your decals are delish! The barstools are wonderful, my BFF, Victoria has those same ones in black with the red toile! Yours are just so sweet and chic...you certainly have a way with the paint and decals, I loved it all!
    Donna Lynn

  2. These are all so so pretty, you've done a great job, very tasteful not too overdone. I have to add my little paintings to all sorts of bits and pieces for our markets as they accept Handcrafted goods only, it's very hard not to overdo sometimes, I can see you've achieved a perfect balance.

  3. I LOVE your blog!! I am so glad you came to visit me, so I could visit you, lol! I think your projects look fabulous! You have created so many beautiful treasures, I love these ideas!


  4. I thank you so much for visitin' me. Your blog is very delightful, I love taking used items and making them new again. The tray you got at Big Lots and redid, is beautiful. Have a blessed day, RoseMarie

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. Love yours! I'll be a regular visitor.

  6. Hahaha I am the same way with appliques! But I do love the decals! I don't think you can ever have enough! My favorite is the pink watering can. Love it!

  7. What lovely ideas. So nice to visit. Will be back when have more time. Have a wonderful day!

  8. Just too pretty!
    Not overdone at all! You have such a talent with this and your home must surely be delightful and warm and pretty beyond words!

    I love your bits and bobs...so much fun!


  9. Hello
    You have so many beautiful things..
    I am in love with your watering can.
    Me encanta el rosa y el blanco.

  10. My goodness you have been a busy bee. Everything looks really lovely the way that you put it together.

  11. Very cute. I had that same Blessings sign and never even thought of doing that. It looks so much better. I love Home Goods.

    LeAnn :)

  12. You know I never think of using decals... they look great ... thanks for so many wonderful ideas.

  13. Just found your site through Laurie at Tip Junkie - and I love what you've done with the decals!! I would also like to know how to cover ugly chairs! Any tutorials? Your site is fabulous!

  14. I love all of these! Love all of those decals! So pretty! Love the stool!

  15. Very pretty. I love the color combinations.


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