September 19, 2015


still holding on to summer?
or more than ready for fall?
i vote FALL!!!  ;}

June 6, 2015

spring fling...

is it finally spring where you are?
hints of summer on the horizon?
mukluks put away?
legs shaved? ;}

May 25, 2015

with a humble heart...the impossible "thank you"




Traditionally, in the US, the long
Memorial Day weekend is the start
of the summer...

and we get to do this...

...and this...

because of...


and this...

while never truly feeling the weight of this...

or, God forbid, this...

I am in tears here, just seeing these pictures,
sorry to be so sappy and personal and...yikes... not me... but I am
feeling a bit fired up and
completely non PC, and while I know I
should be saying, "Let's all pray for the
protection and safe return of our brave
soldiers and for the families of those we
have lost"...and I do pray those very words
from the bottom of my heart...but what can
I say the flesh is weak, so I hope you will
forgive me for also saying that I am so
damn proud of all of those VOLUNTEERS
in uniform, who do what 99.999 percent of
us will never have to! GOD BLESS & KEEP
And you know what else? I know that I
was so blessed to have been born in
the United States and I am very
proud to be an American!

Phewwwwwwwwww! Sorry about that...
I just had to get it out...I have descended
from the soapbox and am now wanting
to share what Bee and her husband (patriotic
can hardly describe this guy!) have been
doing this Memorial week.

This is what the front of Bee's home looks like...
I think there are about 20's tasteful, I
promise, most are in these really cool Martha
Stewart holders. Well, every night this week,
Bee & J have been "stealth flaggers"! Under
the cover of darkness they "crupt" (to borrow
a Dr Seuss-ism) and left a package with a flag
and pole, and a note asking their neighbors
if they would please honor our brave soldiers
by flying a flag this Memorial weekend.
And, WOW! Does their street look cool!
The kid across the street even came over to
ask J if he would help him because, "someone
left a flag on our porch, but my dad's not home
and I don't have tools, so would you help me
put it up?"...I think J skipping across the street,
drill in hand, just may have been a dead give-away! ;)