April 13, 2014

The Vintage Table...Ready...Set...Swoon!

 if you can look at this collection of gorgeous china
without drooling...undaintily...just a wee bit...
then you are a much better man than i!!!!!!! ;}


and i must place the blame for this outright assault on
my "daintiness" squarely at the feet of ALISON HENLEY !


she is the proprietress of the
also know as THE VINTAGE TABLE!

 after years of hunting and collecting ALL...and i mean ALL
of the most fabulous vintage china from the four corners of the
earth {and thus keeping it out of my greedy mits! which i
suppose i must thank her for, otherwise i'd be living in a cardboard box! ;}

 alison created her vintage-for-hire- company appropriately called
which provides heartstoppingly beautiful vintage
china for weddings, high teas and all manner of events.

 and although you may never have the need for her services
please...do yourself a favor and visit THE VINTAGE TABLE
if for nothing else than to look at each and every dreamy picture
and take a beautiful trip through a vintage wonderland!

and don't miss one single post on THE VINTAGE TABLE BLOG
where alison's not only serves up more yummy shots of her
lovely dishes...but she also has recipes for even yummier
dishes to top her dishes! what? i know...i got a tad carried away there! ;}
sorry, it must be because i was mentally rhapsodizing about her

so if you are in the mood to gaze upon some 
vintage goodness...pop on over to
and careful! 
drooling inevitable! ;}

March 30, 2014

Easy Peasy Doodled Easter Eggs...


grab an egg...boiled or blown out.
grab a marker...i think sharpies work best.
ready, set...doodle!!!!
google design ideas or just use your imagination.
add a name to use them as place markers for your Easter table.
easy peasy and ready to go in seconds!!!
and, much like munchos, once you start...they are a bit addictive! ;}

March 23, 2014

Peat & Pot...And Place Markers...


peat pots...a few cents
a little paint...dries in minutes
Easter graphics...free at the graphics fairy
add a name to use it as a place marker at your Easter table,
filled with candy or tid bits.
add a wire handle and some candy to make it more "baskety".
an easy addition to you Easter table you can make in a jiffy!!!
and you know me! 
i am all about the easy, jiffy, lazy way of getting things done!! ;}

March 12, 2014

Dear, Dear Lillie...

 you all know jennifer of DEAR LILLIE...

 yes, jennifer of the adorable children!
amazing decor!
room {and home} transformations that are drool worthy!!!

 and, of course, her signature chalk board prints!

well, it's your luck day!!!!
she is having a chalk board print giveaway
and YOU get to choose your own "quote"!
you choose...she will create the custom chalkboard
just for you!!!
how cool is that!
pretty darn cool!!!!

so pop on over to DEAR LILLIE 
for you chance to win!!!!

March 7, 2014

Who Wants To Lick The Bowl?


PYREX bowls...
they came in many colors...
as a matter of fact, apparently there was a set of several colors!
ours must have all broken before i was born, since i only have a memory of 
the BIG YELLOW BOWL was the home to popcorn and cookie dough...
and the sweetest words a kid could ever hear were,
"who wants to like the bowl?"
do you have PYREX bowl memories?